Saturday, March 12, 2011

In the Wake of Boojums

That's what we look for. Their wake. The people they leave behind, scarred mentally and physically. Left in prisons or mental institutions. We can't do anything to help them, only record their stories. But that's something.

Frank and I, we go place to place, city to city, searching for those strange incidents you never hear about. Murderers that claim there was someone else there, some shadowy figure in the background. Witnesses to carnage that see crowds of unnatural people. Men and women left in despair, believing themselves insane, simply because what they saw does not correspond to what they knew of reality.

I'll pretend to be a reporter and pass off my fake credentials (printed at a college reprographics shop). If they insist on calling the paper, I give them Frank's number. If they still won't allow me in, I get Frank to go, posing as a doctor or lawyer, with similar fake credentials. Eventually, one of us gets the interview and tells the story.

This is not about how to fight them (and if you know who "they" are, bully for you). This is about the flotsom and jetsom they leave behind. This is about the people in their wake.

 - Carol Baker

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