Tuesday, July 5, 2011

By a Sign or a Word

He left us a letter. Sigand, Hickson's cellmate, left us a letter. The local police have already read it and asked us why we wished to see Sigand. We gave them the same story as the one we gave Sigand -- that we're reporters that want to know about Hickson's last days. We had petitioned Sigand for over a week to interview him and he only acquiesced the day before his death.

Apparently, he wrote us this letter the day he died. Perhaps even just hours before. The police have the original as evidence, but they gave us a copy and asked if we understood what it meant. We told them we didn't.

Dear ms. Hargreaves [the fake name I had given him] 
What happened to Hickson was justice. He mirdered those girls and he got what he deserved. But now its loose. Now it wont stop. 
It started last week. A few things went missing. We all thoght there was a theif. But then sum of us saw it in the hall. It looked like a strange toy, weird and incompleet.  
It hid in Hicksons cell away from genpop. I saw it there once. I gess he thoght it was like a pet. But it wasnt. I saw it afterwards. After it killed Hickson. It was covered in blood and it had his hart, Hicksons hart inside it. It looked bigger. 
It wont stop now. It will come after all of us until its big and strong enuff to escape. 
Im sorry, 
Russell Stigand

I don't know. This...this isn't like any Boojum we've encountered before. Stigand wrote that it'll kill again. Can we...can we stop it?

Do we even want to try?

 -- Carol Baker

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