Saturday, June 4, 2011

The Evening Got Darker and Colder

So the kerfuffle I talked about last post? Turns out it was between some proxy of the Jabberwock named Steward (with two Revenants in tow) and two other people opposed to the Jabberwock named Peter and Hunter - and the little girl the witnesses mentioned was a servant to the Carpenter. So I guess we probably should have believed the witness who stated she instigated the fight.

Anyway, I'm glad we weren't there when it happened. I hate guns. And violence. I mean, Frank and I learned how to use a gun and keep one packed with us -- we're not stupid -- but I just hate them. There's no taking back a mistake with a gun.

We went to the Land of Make Believe again today. It was kind of crowded, probably because it was Saturday. Still, we didn't notice anything out of the ordinary. Frank wants to go back tonight, though, after it gets dark. Around eleven.

When I asked why, he said he was just getting a funny feeling. I've learned to trust Frank's funny feelings over the months. When we got back to the hotel, I saw him unpack the gun. He never unpacks the gun unless he thinks something's going to go wrong.

I hope Frank's feeling is wrong. If not, if something does happen, I hope we get there after that fact. I hope there are survivors we can interview.

I'm hoping for a lot of things.

 -- Carol Baker

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