Thursday, June 2, 2011

They Roused Him With Mustard and Cress

We went to a restaurant today. It was kind of a splurge, but I think Frank was feeling better. This feels like a good town.

Afterwards, he flipped on our radio to the police band and we heard about some sort of shoot-out in a restaurant across town. Since it might have been a Boojum, we legged it up there to take a look.

We interviewed about five witnesses to the event - each one had a different perspective. One said that two men at a table drew guns and tried to shoot three innocent men who were walking past. Another witness said that the three men tried to kidnap a little girl who was staying with the first two men at the table, which is why the two men attacked. Still another witness claims that the little girl was the one who attacked one of the men and started the whole fight (needless to say, we didn't believe this witness at all).

Still, there one thing all witnesses agreed on: the participants of the fight all seemed to vanish away when no one was looking. Police have searched all over for them, but there's no sign. So this either means that they were all servants to the Jabberwock or that they have access to the Looking-Glass.

I talked with Frank to see if this was what we were supposed to observe and write about, but he doesn't think so. Even though all the participants disappeared, none of them appeared to be Boojums. He thinks we should stay a few more nights and if nothing happens, then we should leave.

I think he just likes it here.

 -- Carol Baker

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